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Skills for a rewarding life on the land

Learn how to become a Senior Farmhand who takes on high-level responsibilities with this qualification. You'll be trained in handling and transporting animals; assisting with breeding and birthing; implementing health and feeding programs; and maintaining property and structures such as fences and bores. A physical and task-focused qualification, which will see you skilled for livestock, cropping and/or mixed-enterprise operations. Course details

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Workplace: up to 2 years

Course details

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Looking for a career on the land?

There are hands-on courses delivered by passionate industry experts, who have years of practical experience, to give you the skills you need to gain employment in the rural industry. On graduation you'll be qualified and job-ready for an occupation in agriculture. There are a range of qualifications available for those wanting to work in the great outdoors!

Unique Student Identifier (USI) - Student Information

From 1 January 2015 if you are undertaking a nationally recognised program at TAFE Queensland you will need to have a Unique Student Identifier (USI). Learn all about the USI and how to get your USI for your study.

Key dates

Workplace Any time Workplace

Entry requirements

Students must be employed as an apprentice or trainee and have a signed Registered Training Contract, stating TAFE Queensland South West is the Supervising Registered Training Organisation (SRTO).

The Queensland Government's Apprenticeships Info website provides information about apprenticeships and traineeships (including school-based) in Queensland.

For further information about probationary periods for this trade qualification, visit Queensland Training Information Service (QTIS).


Delivered in workplaces throughout Queensland

Resources required

You will require access to a reliable internet connection to access TAFE Queensland's online systems, and a computer with up-to-date software, including Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat Reader and Adobe Flash Player. This equipment and software is available for students to use at a number of TAFE Queensland locations.

You will also require:

  • safety footwear complaint with the Australian Standard AS 2210
  • long sleeve shirts
  • long trousers
  • broad brimmed hat
  • sunscreen
  • water bottle
  • a valid email address

If you are undertaking the horse units, you are to supply your own safety helmet (compliant with Australian Standard AS/NZS 3838) and appropriate riding boots.


Full-Time: 2 years (24 months).

As a full-time trainee, you will undertake training and assessment in the workplace with visits from the trainer/assessor. The theory component of the training is to be completed at designated times negotiated with the employer, and the practical components are to be experienced at the workplace. Tutorial assistance is also offered by negotiation.

School Based: 2 years (24 months) (this timeframe is applicable provided previous rural experience and knowledge of trainee).

As a school based trainee, you will undertake training at least 1 day per school week, with follow-up training and assessment in the workplace during school holidays. It is expected that you will complete the theory component of your training either at school in designated classes per week, or as part of your homework. Practical training is to be experienced in the workplace. Tutorial assistance is also offered by negotiation.


The successful achievement of this qualification requires you to complete 16 units in total, including 2 core units and 14 elective. Elective units will be negotiated with employer and trainee at time of induction.

AHCWHS301 Contribute to work health and safety processes Core
AHCWRK309 Apply environmentally sustainable work practices Core
Group A
AHCBAC306 Establish agricultural crops Elective
AHCINF302 Plan and construct an electric fence Elective
AHCLSK305 Maintain livestock water supplies Elective
AHCMOM302 Perform machinery maintenance Elective
AHCINF303 Plan and construct conventional fencing Elective
AHCLSK308 Identify and draft livestock Elective
AHCLSK309 Implement animal health control programs Elective
AHCLSK311 Implement feeding plans for livestock Elective
AHCLSK318 Rear newborn and young livestock Elective
AHCLSK320 Coordinate and monitor livestock transport Elective
AHCLSK331 Comply with industry animal welfare requirements Elective
AHCLSK301 Administer medication to livestock Elective
AHCMOM304 Operate machinery and equipment Elective
AHCPMG301 Control weeds Elective
AHCCHM304 Transport and store chemicals Elective
AHCCHM303 Prepare and apply chemicals Elective
AHCWRK302 Monitor weather conditions Elective
AHCLSK325 Castrate livestock Elective
AHCBAC307 Maintain agricultural crops Elective
AHCBAC308 Undertake agricultural crop harvesting activities Elective
AHCWRK204 Work effectively in the industry Elective
HLTAID003 Provide first aid Elective
AHCBAC302 Establish pastures and crops for livestock production Elective
Group B
AHCHBR304A Educate, ride and care for horses and equipment Elective
AHCHBR306A Prevent and treat equine injury and disease Elective
AHCHBR307A Assess suitability of horses for stock work Elective
AHCSHG301 Prepare livestock for shearing Elective
AHCSHG306 Carry out post-shearing procedures Elective
AHCMOM202 Operate tractors Elective
AHCMOM212 Operate quad bikes Elective
AHCMOM305 Operate specialised machinery and equipment Elective
AHCWOL308 Prepare facilities for shearing and crutching Elective
AHCWOL310 Press wool for a clip Elective
AHCLSK315 Prepare for and implement natural mating of livestock Elective
AHCLSK316 Prepare livestock for competition Elective
AHCAIS303 Artificially inseminate livestock Elective Credit Transfer only
Group C
AHCLSK204 Carry out regular livestock observation Elective
AHCWRK205 Participate in workplace communications Elective
AHCHBR203A Provide daily care for horses Elective
AHCINF203 Maintain properties and structures Elective
AHCLSK205 Handle livestock using basic techniques Elective
AHCLSK206 Identify and mark livestock Elective
AHCLSK207 Load and unload livestock Elective
AHCLSK210 Muster and move livestock Elective
AHCMOM201 Operate two wheel motorbikes Elective


The elective units available may vary between locations, delivery modes and intakes.

Eligible apprentices and trainees who meet the Queensland state funding requirements will be charged a student contribution fee of $1.60 per nominal hour. For more information on the number of units funded for this course visit Queensland Training Information Service (QTIS).

Nominal hours for each unit will be outlined in the agreed training plan, which will be provided to the employer and apprentice or trainee, at the time of induction.

Non-funded apprentices and trainees will be charged a fee for service cost. The student and employer contribution fee will be outlined in the training plan and agreed to, prior to the commencement of training.

Federal incentives may be available for employers, apprentices and trainees. Visit the Australian Apprenticeships website for more information.

Students are encouraged to view the TAFE Queensland Student Fees Policy prior to enrolment.

For more information about the costs associated with undertaking an apprenticeship or traineeship, please give us a call.


AHC30116 Certificate III in Agriculture

Job prospects

  • Farm or Station Hand
  • Farm or Station Worker

Are you ready to enrol?

If you are already employed as an apprentice or trainee, let your employer know that you want TAFE Queensland South West to be your Supervising Registered Training Organisation (SRTO), then contact an Australian Apprenticeships Centre to organise your training contract.

If you aren't employed yet, contact an Australian Apprenticeships Centre or a job service agency for help getting a job. Alternatively, contact us on 1300 914 754 for further information on how we can help you make great happen.

For information about your rights and responsibilities as a student, check out the student handbook and refund policy

Recognition of prior learning

Recognition of prior learning

Fast-track to a formal qualification by earning credit for the things you already know. Getting recognition for the skills you've gained from the workplace and/or previous learning means less study time for you and getting qualified a whole lot sooner.

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Note: All information was accurate at time of publication, however TAFE policies, tuition fees and course content is subject to change without notice. Course commencement is dependent on sufficient enrolments.

Last updated on 5 October 2017

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