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Recognition of prior learning

Be rewarded for what you already know!

Let's face it. You've got the skills to pay the bills. It's just that no one has given you a piece of paper to prove it.

Imagine if you could gain a formal qualification that acknowledges the experience and skills you already have, so you could minimise - and in some cases eliminate - the need to do formal study.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a nationally recognised process which helps you gain credit towards a certificate or diploma based on the skills and experience you have picked up from:

  • previous learning
  • work or industry experience (paid or unpaid)
  • volunteering
  • partially completed study

Your experience is matched to current industry qualifications you can gain credit towards or even recognition for a full qualification.

What does this mean for you?

Getting a qualification is a fantastic resume booster. You'll be able to step up for that pay rise or promotion and take your career in a new direction with the confidence that your skills and expertise are in line with current industry benchmarks.

Recognition of Prior Learning can also:

  • save you money and study time
  • ensure you only study what you need to meet the requirements of a job role or qualification
  • fast-track your way to a formal qualification
  • upskill you for a career change or promotion
  • improve your job security
  • help you move from volunteer work to paid employment
  • provide options for credit towards a university degree

Download our RPL information Pack (PDF, 855 KB) and get started today!

How much will it cost?

You can save up to 40% off the full course fee through RPL!

RPL is a cost effective way to achieve a nationally recognised qualification. We are able to offer a reduced fee because the RPL process is completed in a shorter time frame and you are not required to complete a full qualification.

Should I apply for RPL?

You might already be on the right track. Do you answer yes to any of these questions?

  • Do you want to gain formal recognition for your skills and workforce training?
  • Are you already working or volunteering in the industry, or have you done so recently?
  • Can your current or previous manager confirm your skills and experience?
  • Could you demonstrate your skills and knowledge to someone else?
  • Have you completed any informal or formal professional development workshops or programs?
  • Do you have any documentation (such as a portfolio of work or references) to support your claim?
  • Have you previously completed or partially completed any studies?

If so, you should apply! You deserve the recognition, you've worked hard for it.

The application process

Don't waste time studying what you already know, and don't sell yourself short by not formalising the skills you have.

Talk to an RPL assessor about how you can apply. They will explain the evidence you will need to support your application and any on-the-job or training components you still need to meet.

Contact details

Email or call 1300 914 754